Our kennel is officially registered at the International Dog Federation (FCI – Federation Cynologique Internationale) with the no. 01/2019, through the Kennel Union of Moldova UChM. We specialize in selecting, breeding, raising and promoting the Akita Inu breed, with individuals that have high quality pedigrees.

Our individuals, both males and females, are imports that bring us lots of promising results, highly rated titles at both national and international dog shows.

The living space for our dogs is adjusted in accordance with the european standards for keeping and caring for dogs and is constantly undergoing improvements. The dog pens are very spacious, aprox. 9 square meters for each individual, featuring specific equipment for each season of the year. Also the pens are under 24/7 surveillance through CCTVs.

Our dog’s diet is composed of the best super premium quality kibble, but also fresh raw fruits and vegetables from our bio garden, sometimes serving themselves with pleasure directly from the source.

Our kennel is located on 800 square meters, having lots of green fresh grass, trees – a lot of space where the dogs can walk, play, run free and also take naps. Also, on the inside, we have a maternity room, 10 square meters – specially prepared and equipped for our future litters, a comfortable whelping box, playing space, ionizer and infrared lamp for disinfecting the whelping space. The room also has 2 heaters that maintain the perfect temperature within the room, an AC and of course CCTV 24/7.

Puppy socialization starts from the moment the puppies are born and continues till the moment puppies go to their new homes, with feedback from their future owners and if necessary advice, consultation and tips in raising the perfect Akita.

Our puppies can be adopted after 8-10 weeks. The puppies will be dewormed, tick and flea prevention treated, vaccinated in accordance with the age and vet prescription, microchipped and will have all their health certificates and pedigrees.

We wish you best of luck in the future and hope you will make the right choice!